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Taking all that I love in music, digital art, Visual effects, Theatre and all that is cool, combining them into a digital puppet theatre that will perform song covers. A naked mannequin coming alive by the melody of a piano - breathing life into a scene.

The Spark

It might have all started in 2008, with a street performer I met in Columbia. The whimsical locomotion of the character together with the music fascinated me. I wanted to film the show, but I lost him! Together with a friend we drove around various city squares in Bogota to try and find the dude. 

And we did!

Early R&D

That street act seemed to have stuck with me because in 2019 I got really excited about using VR to puppeteer a virtual manniquin! The idea that I can be present in VR with a controllable rag doll right in front of me was super cool, so I started to program the controls I needed and the setup for this kind of performance. 

Here are a few rigging tests I've done :)

Early Acting tests

While doing some rigging test, fooling around was a given - so I started Dubbing the mannequin, even singing playfully :)

Toy Story

I don't know how exactly it slipped into my systems, but I started rehearsing to "I Will Go Sailing No More" from Toy Story. It was only later I made the link that a mannequin is acting on Buzz Lightyear's moment of realization that he is a toy. Super symbolic. So, I put a hat on the mannequin and worked with Randy Newman's beautiful music!


It was while I started to post stuff on Instagram to try and get my social media act running, I realized I cannot really put it out there. "Sailing No More" is a famous copyrighted song. So, I thought, hey, I'd love to sing and do my own version of the song!

The journey continues

So while figuring out how to get a cover version of the song, things started to get super interesting. The idea to record the song triggered a whole bunch of other questions. Like recording the person operating the mannequin for AR, incorporating the musician in the act, thinking about the action and direction of it.

Shani Stern popped to my mind, a good friend I've met in Vancouver, and a super talented musician. Seems like she was going through a digital explorations of her own, and Together we kept talking about it and bouncing ideas back and forward. We thought the whole thing might be a show, with different acts which one of them is the song part. We met and started to work on a version.

Creative discussions

After meeting with Shani I was inspired. So many ideas were bouncing around my head! I decided to take it seriously and approach it professionally. I picked up the phone and called Noa Miraz, a super awesome sensitive and inspiring creative woman. Talked to my dear friend Ran Nimri, which is an awesome friend and creative dude I kept bouncing ideas with, and went on to meet together with Noa.

It was an awesome late night discussion to distil and synthesize the essence of what was exciting for me in all of this. After sharing all my fantasies of making show or a world of digital art and this and that... We ended up with the simple passion of music. They asked me if I were to make another song, beside Disney's Toy story, what would it be? 

Some other songs popped up! (not just Disney...) and we realized it is kind of a song cover act. We ditched all the prologues and fancy introductions, and jumped straight to the music. We thought that the concept of a simple naked doll, that comes to life and then bursts into a theatrical song act is enough for now.


Boom! Focused and super excited I went on to design our hero.

Midjourney Session

After a few prompts in Midjourney I got some interesting results. I tried to get a simple yet appealing mannequin design. I took the one I loved most and made it's legs and arms longer... and walla! 

Here are a few excerpts of my prompt journey.

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