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A Lobby art project as part of my work at "The IO". Designed and custome wood CNC profiles painted and silk printed.

The Waves Twins | The IO


It's amazing to see how the final product gets it's own life and beauty - even if it's exactly how it was planned. 

Before and After

After we did a massive brain storm an presentation for the client, a master design was made that from there we took the design for the rest of the pieces. It still amazes me how the physical and digital are so similar but feels so different.

The master design illustrated in 3D

3D Previs

We had the two lobbies scanned so we can work on placing the art work and understanding size and space. It also helped a lot with measurements.

Man @ Work

An all nighter to get the art on the walls! Was great fun to hang out with the boys and bust our butts.



Created by: The IO

Produced by: Idan Cohen

Design: Noa Afait

CNC and Installation: The Art Factory

Additional help: 

Illustration and 3D: Ori Ben-Shabat

Additional Design: Avner Galnor

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