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Realtime home brew virtual production and a looper track! Shot in our back yard during Covid time.



A Realtime homemade virtual production in Touchdesigner. My own little home brew track played on a Bass guitar, iPhone and a looper. 


We used HTC vive for the tracking, to get a real time camera feed into touchdesginer. A little DIY rig made from a GoPro camera, Vive Tracker and a wifi transmission back using NDI to an iPhone. 

One take shot by the lovely and beautiful Tamara Bendicof.

The hologram bit was done using Azure Kinect. Some GLSL coding made it glitchy and glowy.

A lot of R&D, GLSL custom scripts and python snippets were used in Touchdesigner to achieve the effects.  


Inspired by Vaclav Smil. A scientist that reveals facts and figures as they are. He talks about energy, resources, transportation and everything else to show that oh boy, we are running around chasing our tail.

It really opened my eyes regarding the truth about our situation as humans consuming the planet. Mostly the relationship between production and consumption, efficiency and waste.


We are living organisms on a biosphere! Boom!


Voice Sample of Alan Watts! A great talk about space. "It is not empty, it contains the whole universe!"


Vaclav Smil


We tend to run forget to breath,
We rush to fight forget the breeze,
Walk this earth and just remember,
We are makers, destroyers, creators,

And this bug of bones won’t last forever,
Coronavirus is Mother Nature.

Look, what can you see,
everything’s evolving, You and me.
The stars are bright endlessly spiraling,
Next to them a little earth to busy dying.

Look, there is no vaccine for living,
So, less taking more giving.


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