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An LED screen mounted on a swivel and a sensor to allow the acquisition of it's rotation value

Spin Screen

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-07 at 11.08.28_3b1c13fe.jpg

While in Creative Labs I got to play with a lot of tech. We had an idea to see what can we do with a rotating screen with a gyroscope.


After coming up with the idea, my dear friend Ran and me were happy to go ahead and do it! Ran is a maker like me so we went right at it buying all the parts and welding the frame that mounts the contraption to the wall and the frame that holds the screen that connects and swivels on the mount. 

Some more in the process pictures


We had our fair share of laugh using the screen but it really shined when Ilya from Creative Labs made a rotating stable diffusion session to fit the screen.

I love that the spin reveals an image

Ilya's stable diffusion shenanigans

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