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Coronavirus, Digital Me and our mad state of affairs. An AR adventure through space and time.


About it

We tend to run forget to breath,
We rush to fight forget the breeze,
Walk this earth and just remember,
We are makers, destroyers, creators,

And this bug of bones won’t last forever,
Coronavirus is Mother Nature.

Look, what can you see,
everything’s evolving, You and me.
The stars are bright endlessly spiraling,
Next to them a little earth to busy dying.

Look, there is no vaccine for living,
So, less taking more giving.

Inspired by Vaclav Smil, a scientist that made me aware of the reality of consumption, energy and generally, our mad state of planetary affairs. Done in Touchdesigner, shot on a GoPro by my lovely partner / lover Tamara Bendicof

Audio Sample of the awesome: Alan Watts

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