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Visual Effect for a music video adventure by NYADO. Inspired by the efforts to give love back to earth.

Mission to Earth | NYADO

_MTE_Prorez (01558).jpg

A Collaboration with NYADO - Style development and Visual Effects for a music video. Inspired by Watly's mission to deliver water and energy to remote areas. Directed and filmed by Onn Halpern.

Visual Effects

The visual effect aspects were to create the Watly spaceship, visualize the "Energy" spread by good forces of change, some space shots and other various cool effects.

Abstract Paint

Spaceship design

The main VFX idea was to implement a Spaceship inspired by the Watly concept design. The water purification machine already looked like a thing from the future, so pimping it up was easy!

Mission to Earth4_2.gif

VFX Spaceship design

Original concept frame by: Watly

_MTE_Prorez (06525).jpg


Music video by: NYADO

Director & DP: Onn Halpern

_MTE_Prorez (10057).jpg
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