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Interactive motion sensors lobby experience for Intel's PTK 1 building and an outdoor screen design.

Intel PTK1


3D Realtime graphics reacting to the people passing in the lobby. 9 Scenes that keeps changing.


Together with Amit Fisher at Creative Labs we decided on the right scenes for the lobby. Intel were really into digital art and it was super to work with them on creating this experience. So a collaboration with Phenomena Labs we created these beautiful real time reactive scenes.

In order to not give the "Big brother feel" we distorted the image and transformed it into a 3D beautiful scene as it reacts to the people.


3D renders and real time graphics combined screen reacting to Realtime data. Ahuge outdoor LED


Together with Phenomena Labs and Amit Fisher's direction we developed three character to star in our outdoor LED installation.

Some more real time particle development for the outdoor screen and lobby all done in Touchdesigner


Made by: Creative Labs

Directed by: Amit Fisher

In collaboration with: Phenomena Labs

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