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An interactive brand experience for HL Labs Cosmetics shop. Mirror screens, Touch tables and a whole lot of beauty.

HL Proffesional Skincare


An interactive table, smart LED shelf and a mirror screen working in tandem to inform you about the different product the brand has to offer.

Touch Table

A fluid simulation interactive menu built in Touchdesigner, lets you explore HL's various products lines. At Creative Labs we explored the way to best tell the brand's story using various textures and substances that reflect the line's character. 

Interactive Shelf & Mirror

We wanted to deliver a high end experience. As the customer selects a product the mirror and shelf will point at the right product for her to try.

R & D

While developing the creative behind the project, I got to explore a lot of variations and interactions.

Mirror reaction exploration

Touch table design exploration


Produced by: Creative Labs

Design: De'Studio

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