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Booth design, main screen AR visuals and interactive photo booth as part of the IMTM 2023 expo.


For the main screen we at Creative Labs got a professional canon PTZ camera to get an AR experience going

Augmented PTZ reality

Using a small Python library for using the Visca protocol within Touchdesigner, the PTZ network control protocol, we got the camera to move to were we wanted. The Canon CR-N300 then sends Realtime PTZ information using the Free-D information for us to control our virtual camera and than composite the graphics on the live footage from the camera.

Below is a silly R&D done in the studio. We tried using an Azure Kinect point cloud for shadows too. The whole tracking aspect happens automatically following the airplane!

Booth Design

The booth design was created using Shapr3D. A most beloved CAD program. We were very ambitious and it was fun to imagine and design the booth.

Graphic Design

We made a few scenes that used the AR capabilities of the system to illustrate ELAL's new destinations and other offerings presented as part of the expo.

Interactive Photobooth

This photo booth used 2 Kinect Azure cameras to build a little hologram of you and position it on a little toy ELAL plane!

You could type in your phone number and together with a specially  programmed back end done by Creative Labs the video was sent to you right after the experience!


Made by: Creative Labs

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