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A Kickstarter video for the Common Loon! a ruler set that holds a world of creativity within a little plastic mold.

Common Loon

Together with the awesome gang at Plazmalab, we've created a kick-ass Kickstarter video to promote the product. I've had the pleasure to work with Yehonathan Asher, and build this elaborate table-camera-rig thing.

The Machine 

The main idea of the ruler is to let people draw and have fun! So we decided to create a machine that can take a timelapse while moving around the person. together with Yehonatan Asher we've made an arduino to controlled machine.

Fun Fun Fun

I had so much fun working on this project. From engineering to scripting and acting. It really is a sum total of passions I carry combined together.



Created by: Lian Bronstein and Plazmalab

Sound and beat: Or Weisinger

Engineer: Yehonatan Asher

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