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Using motion capture to create a whimsical presentation video. A presentation that jumps from the physical world to the virtual world.

Creative Labs Israel Demoreel

I love the choreography of it all - motion capture, camera, actor, in and outs of reality!

Creative and Idea

We spent quite a lot of time until we got to the idea of cutting in and out from virtual to physical and back. We knew for sure that we wanted to incorporate motion capture and the office demo lobby space. So I went ahead and took the script and did a little preview using a mixamo character. I love hacking up this stuff!

Motion Capture

I love it. I don't know exactly what makes me happy doing this. It might be the sensors and fidelity. It might be the avatar feeling while acting. Who knows! Below are a quick XSENS suite up video and a side by side MO-CAP


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