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a 3D visual narrative for CATO Networks lighting up the Nasdaq tower screen at Times Square, NY.

CATO Nasdaq Tower


A visual narrative for CATO Networks. Servers, cityscapes and fluid sims all rendered in 3D for the Nasdaq Tower screen 

3D Story Telling

Working my Ran Nimri @ CATO Networks was a pleasure. We worked hard on taking CATO's brand messaging and adapting it to one 3D narrative that takes us on a journey. 

After creating the story board we worked together with Phenomena Labs on refining the ideas and creating beautiful Houdini simulations and octane renders.



We had the two lobbies scanned so we can work on placing the art work and understanding size and space. It also helped a lot with measurements.

Client: CATO networks

Creative: Ran Nimri

3D In collaboration with: Phenomena Labs

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