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Interactive LED walls for Amdocs Expos. A unique and branded Realtime graphics driven by the people passing by. 

Amdocs interactive walls

We used an array of optical cameras to get a panoramic view of the expo's guest and optical flowed them into a real time responsive beautiful branded graphics.

The Trails

While working at Creative Labs these trail graphics were created for the brand marketing aspect of the exhibition. Made in Touchdesigner as Realtime is much easier to render and more responsive. 

GLSL scripts were used to create the trail mesh and some other particle effect to make it all shine and work together. It was so successful that the interactive wall got a responsive real time installation version of the trail graphics.

The Tiles

For another Amdocs exhibition Creative Labs were commissioned to do, I got chance to do yet camera based real-time interactive wall. This time it was tiles that exposed a message image and revealed it fully once in a while. To let the guest react and play with them.


Made by: Creative Labs

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